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DiverseAmerica Network helps corporations and institution to be culturally competent, relevant and inclusive in their workforce development, supply chain management and marketing practices with diverse populations.  In addition to race, ethnicity and gender, diversity results from life experiences, family values, spiritual and cultural beliefs, regional norms, and other socio-economic factors.  As such, DiverseAmerica Network is intensely engaged in these vital endeavors:

Diversity and Inclusion

The fabric of America continues to adjust and this transformation results in demographic changes that drive the nation’s economy.  This makeover has brought into being an imperative for corporations and institutions to act in their “enlightened self-interest” by integrating diversity and inclusion in their workforce development, supply chain management and marketing practices.  Moreover, the uniqueness of each population group requires strategies and tactics that are culturally relevant, competent and inclusive.

Veteran Business Enterprises

It is estimated that there are 3 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States and each year 300,000 service members transition to veteran status.  This cadre of existing Veteran Business Enterprises (VBEs) and potential entrepreneurs are an emerging segment of small businesses that demands due consideration.  Additionally the significant military presence in regions around the nation requires that those prime contractors and subcontractors engaged in federal procurement activities and fulfillment take extra measures.

Social Media Marketing

The explosive growth of social media online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LindedIn, YouTube and others, can be the underpinning of creating a growing community of loyal customers.  Compared with traditional forms of marketing, social networking is fast, easy and mobile, and can generate the sense of urgency that tech-savvy consumers find enticing.  DiverseAmerica Network offers a complete suite of Social Media methods and inventive approaches to harnessing the power of the most significant business enabler since the Internet itself.